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    The Trinity in the Bible

    Trinity is one of those words we have all heard, but what does it really mean? From the beginning of time, or almost the very beginning, the concept was actually introduced. Some argue that the term, ‘Trinity’ is not in the Bible? Are there times when well known words are not in the Scriptures? So let’s explore the Trinity in the Bible. The Trinity From Genesis Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament. Genesis means beginning. Through its 50 chapters a few thousand years of history is traced. In Genesis 1:26 we see: 26 And God said, Let  make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them…

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    Who Is Jesus?

    The answer to this question, “Who is Jesus?”, is the cornerstone of our faith. Jesus has been called by this world everything from a liar to a lunatic. But your response to this question will determine where you will spend eternity. If you believe Jesus never existed or that he is just a man then your eternal destiny is not heaven. If you believe Jesus is God but have no personal relationship with him, then you are no better off– hell is still the open door on the other side of this life. But if you believe Jesus Christ is Lord and accept him into your life as Lord and…

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    The Eyes of the Child of God

    One day I saw a mother and child in the toy aisle of a department store in Bozeman, Montana. Time and again the mother told the boy it was time to go, but he just couldn’t seem to tear himself away from the toys. So then the mother began to walk down the aisle and disappeared around the corner. What the child did not realize was his mother was watching him through the racks.  He never was out of her sight. The youngster finally looked up, seeing the last glimpse of her around the corner, the shiny toy suddenly became less important and his mother the focus of his attention.…

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