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    What is Faith in God?

    This world is absorbed with only wanting to believe in what they can see. They call our steadfast faith in God, “blind faith”. Instead of placing an unwavering belief in the Almighty God, this world strives to place science in place of God himself. How many times have we heard “science proves!”? Science that is observed is fascinating. But what gets scarey is when they try to present their hypotheses and speculations they draw from their observations as fact. So what is faith in God and how does science fit into a Godly world view? Measure of Godly Faith Faith is something which cannot be measured in pounds, ounces, or…

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    Living A Christian Life That Matters

    We all have pursuits in life, whether we weigh it out as an ambition or simply live our lives in a certain way day after day, there is something that we are all pursuing. For a Christian our hearts should be focused on living a Christian life that matters.  Believers and non-believers alike can fill their lives with things they think are important, while in fact their endeavors are fruitless when put in the light of an Almighty God. Jesus Christ – the Foundation Sometimes we feel if we had unlimited money we would be happy. Somehow we could obtain all that we ever desired. Or the thought pattern that…

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    Fishers of Men

    With fall already here, we find our selves as a family drawn outside. We know that soon the warm fall breezes will be blowing in cold winter snow. Fishing is one of our favorite things to do as a family. Even our smallest has learned to watch the bobber and crank the reel when it disappears under the water’s surface. One point to ponder is the variety of fish that can be caught in a single pond. With four kids and six rods there is no end of baiting hooks, untangling lines, and unhooking fish. Recently, in the span of an afternoon, we caught four different species of fish. Soon…

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