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    Raising Godly Children

    In the midst of this world it is a sobering thing to see how many children raised in godly homes do not stay in church. Even if their lives are not wrecked by drugs or alcohol, still they are no where to be found on Sunday Morning or Wednesday night prayer meeting. Instead their “church” is the athletic club, the bowling club, the local dog training club, the country club, or just about anything else where people meet outside of church together on a regular basis. Did you ever wonder why Wednesday nights seems to be so popular for club meetings? But raising godly children starts long before they are…

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    Homeschooling in Montana

    As promised, we will explore the laws which apply to homeschooling in Montana. We have been homeschooling our four children since 2006 as each has come of school age and found this state to be very accommodating to homeschooling.  As a home school family we have only been respected and applauded for teaching our children. I have never had anyone scorn our choice. OK, now for the laws governing homeschooling here in Montana. Please note that this is an article based on our personal experience interacting with the laws for Gallatin County including Manhattan and Belgrade, Montana. This is for informational purposes and is not intended as an exhaustive expository covering…

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    Christian Homeschooling

    As Believers, having the option of Christian Homeschooling in Montana is important to us. It is one of the most inspiring, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling endeavors I have, or ever will undertake. What a thrill to hear them reading! What an accomplishment to see a son excelling at math or a daughter who can’t get enough of the classics. I will be the first to admit, homeschooling is not for everyone. But for those who desire to teach their children, I would like to share with you our experience with homeschooling here in Montana. The Montana Legislature has acknowledge homeschooling since 1895 and 1903. There have been times when Montana…

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