Bozeman Area Churches That Matter

When searching for churches in Bozeman, MT one doesn’t have to look very far. Per capita, Montana probably has one of the highest ratio of churches to people. For example the small town of Twin Bridges has a population of 373 people and a grand total of about six churches. Here in Manhattan, Montana we have a population of 1,553 and a grand total of 10 churches. But what really matters is finding a church that makes a difference– where you know the people are real. This is where our church, Headwaters Baptist, is centered.

Pastor Mike and Sue Lemmon lighter
Pastor Mike and Sue Lemmon

Too many times today we find churches with ‘plastic Christianity’ being played on a stage of an attractive building. Instead of Christians that radiate Christ, you find a sort of fashion show on Sunday mornings. What really counts is when people’s beliefs are radiated in church and lived outside of the church walls each day. Children are God’s treasures– little people, not ones to be seen only.  Even the lost world sees a phony when an individual just puts on a holy front on Sunday morning, worn for the benefit of others, while the person is as cold as ice and as dead as dust on the inside…

Behold Children Are the Lord’s Good Gift

If you are someone seeking a meaningfully real walk with Christ, then I would like to suggest looking just beyond  the churches in Bozeman, MT and come west about 20 minutes on I-90 to Manhattan, Montana. Here you will find our church– Headwaters Baptist.

Our focus is people, not programs; reality not plastic. We deeply desire for people to “…taste and see the Lord is good”. Each and every day matters. How disappointing it would be to reach eternity and find that the life you lived here on earth counted for nothing.  In our family God has given us four precious children. We want them to have a life built on the solid foundation of the Lord while also absorbing his love. How many times do we hear the heartbreaking stories of church kids who walk no more with the believers.  So as you search for Bozeman Churches think about which ones matter.

Headwaters Baptist Church