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    Religion vs. Christianity ~ What is the Difference?

    To most people in the world, if they see you as a Christian going to church on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and other church activities they automatically label you as ‘religious’. They do not realize there is a marked difference between religion vs. Christianity. Once I witnessed to a lady who was going through a very difficult time in her life. I had gotten acquainted with her outside of church and had never had a chance to witness to her. Then one day her world fell apart. I sat down with her and shared Christ. She was taken aback and said, “I never knew you were so religious.” Ah, not the…

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    Inspiring Bible Verses

    Have you ever been disappointed after reading an quote that is supposed to be inspirational? When it is written by someone who is not a believer they only have this world to look. They totally miss the heavenly perspective. Humanistic thinking permeates so much of this world. So for true inspiration I have never found anything that compares to inspiring Bible verses. The Bible approaches the issues of life from a totally different perspective. Inspirational Bible verses have been inspired by the Almighty God. But not matter how moving a verse is, it only provides a benefit to you if you apply it to your life. So many times people…

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    Who Is Jesus?

    The answer to this question, “Who is Jesus?”, is the cornerstone of our faith. Jesus has been called by this world everything from a liar to a lunatic. But your response to this question will determine where you will spend eternity. If you believe Jesus never existed or that he is just a man then your eternal destiny is not heaven. If you believe Jesus is God but have no personal relationship with him, then you are no better off– hell is still the open door on the other side of this life. But if you believe Jesus Christ is Lord and accept him into your life as Lord and…

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    Raising Godly Children

    In the midst of this world it is a sobering thing to see how many children raised in godly homes do not stay in church. Even if their lives are not wrecked by drugs or alcohol, still they are no where to be found on Sunday Morning or Wednesday night prayer meeting. Instead their “church” is the athletic club, the bowling club, the local dog training club, the country club, or just about anything else where people meet outside of church together on a regular basis. Did you ever wonder why Wednesday nights seems to be so popular for club meetings? But raising godly children starts long before they are…

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