• Montana,  Three Forks

    Exploring Around Three Forks MT

    Our Around Town in Manhattan, MT article focused on the town of Manhattan. Now we would like to share with you some of the sites as you venture outside of town. Manhattan is situated right on route I-90 with Three Forks MT to the West and Belgrade MT to the east. This photo was taken just outside of town on Dry Creek Road. We can see I-90 overpass and the Bridger Mountains in the distance. The wide fields surrounding the town give a feel of country.  If we got on the interstate and headed west about 8 miles you will come to Three Forks Montana. One of our favorite places…

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  • Christian Life

    How to Find a Godly Husband or Wife, Bible Style

    One question that haunts many single Christians is how to find a Christian husband or wife. It is natural not to want to walk through life alone, but instead to have someone to share it with. The Bible says Proverbs 18:22, Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. So how do you meet this need in your life? The two most important decisions in your life are: 1. Salvation, and 2. Who your husband or wife will be. Without salvation our lives are doomed to an eternity in hell. Without salvation we don’t have the Almighty God who is willing to guide our steps.…

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  • Christian Life

    Bible Verses About Grief

    We have found that so many times people are searching for some verses on a specific topic but don’t know where to find them. We have touched on Bible verses about faith and encouragement, but now we would like to turn our attention to Bible verses about grief. There are many situations on our lives that can cause grief. From the death of a loved one to a child having a severe illness, there is a wide variety of reasons one would be seeking for verses on this topic. Grief speaks of deep sorrow, not just sadness, but a deep hurt that goes straight to your soul. Grief usually is…

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  • Montana

    Around Town in Manhattan Montana

    We would like to take a few minutes and introduce you to our town, Manhattan Montana. Manhattan is a lovely small town. It is home to about 1,520 people and provides a haven from the city of Bozeman to the east. It is between Belgrade and Three Forks on I-90. So take a walk with me and see why if you are moving West we would encourage you to come here! As you get off of I-90 and head into the town of Manhattan MT you will pass this sign on your right hand side. This stone and metal sign replaced our old welcome sign a few years ago. As…

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  • Christian Life,  Memory Verses

    Bible Verses On Faith

    The very first Bible scripture on faith that comes to mind for many Believers is probably Hebrews 11:1. This Bible verse reads, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Without faith we cannot be saved and faith is essential to the Christian walk. So let’s take a stroll through the Bible and touch on some of the facts and examples of faith. Faith is something that you cannot see, but it is there. It is a substance. It is something so strong that people will lay down their lives for it. Think of early Christians being persecuted, put to death because they…

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  • Christian Life

    Father’s Day The Tale of Two Dads

    The warm sunshine has been a blessing to all of us as we see the winter snows have passed. With spring comes Mother’s Day and with June Father’s day is only a few days away. Christ is the cornerstone of our faith and I believe godly fathers are the cornerstone of our families. Mothers provide the overall aura, feel, spirit, tone of a household and I believe dads are the anchor, the solid ground, the strength that provides shelter, calm, direction, and how the home functions. Story of Two Different Fathers I recently heard a Father’s Day message which told the tale of two fathers. One was a godly father…

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  • Christian Life

    The Simple Plan of Salvation ~Yes! It Really Is That Easy!

    The scriptural plan of salvation is the backbone of our faith. It rests fully on The Lord Jesus Christ’s finish work on the cross. There is no substitute for it and there is no work that we can do to earn it. Salvation is by grace through faith, plus nothing, minus nothing (Ephesians 2:8-9). It is a free gift. “For God so loved the world that he gave (emphasis added) his only begotten son…”  If someone gives you a present, all you have to do is take it to make it yours. And so with salvation by grace it is a free gift. Let me share with you some scriptures that…

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  • Christian Life

    Drinking and Alcohol in the Bible

    I am so glad the the Bible never changes. God never changes. And what God says about various vices of smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. is never ‘adjusted’ based on the times or someone’s personal preference. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)  So let’s take some time to explore what the Bible says about alcohol and drinking. Is Alcohol Addictive? I would like to answer this question with a resounding YES! Alcohol is addictive. It is habit forming, family destroying, and a life wrecking addiction. Proverbs 23:35 it says, “…when I awake I will seek it yet again.” According to AlcoholAddiction.info some 30% of Americans…

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