• Memory Verses

    Bible Verses About Encouragement

    We all need to be encouraged at times. This world takes a toll on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually every day. But what a difference when we fill our lives with Bible verses about encouragement, listen to godly music that turns our thoughts towards Christ, and spend time with other believers. Though there are many times we can’t just sit and read our Bible we can commit verses to memory and have them ready when we need a dose of encouragement. Through trials certain verses get even more special. Bible verses about grief are not as common as those on encouragement. So here are some encouraging Bible verses that are…

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  • Christian Life

    Keeping Christ in Christian Dating

    The two most important decisions in life are 1. Salvation, and 2. choosing a spouse. Dating, according to the world, is for self satisfaction with no shade of concern for the other person. So many enter a relationship with the attitude of, “What can I get out of it?”Instead, keeping Christ in Christian dating relationships should be the focus. The heart of Christian dating should be the long range goal of finding a mate.  Quick self gratification with no thought of a long term relationship is not pleasing to God. Couples need to realize that a strong relationship must have Christ as the center, not self. Proverbs 18:22 says, “Whoso…

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  • Home Schooling

    Homeschooling in Montana

    As promised, we will explore the laws which apply to homeschooling in Montana. We have been homeschooling our four children since 2006 as each has come of school age and found this state to be very accommodating to homeschooling.  As a home school family we have only been respected and applauded for teaching our children. I have never had anyone scorn our choice. OK, now for the laws governing homeschooling here in Montana. Please note that this is an article based on our personal experience interacting with the laws for Gallatin County including Manhattan and Belgrade, Montana. This is for informational purposes and is not intended as an exhaustive expository covering…

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  • Home Schooling

    Christian Homeschooling

    As Believers, having the option of Christian Homeschooling in Montana is important to us. It is one of the most inspiring, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling endeavors I have, or ever will undertake. What a thrill to hear them reading! What an accomplishment to see a son excelling at math or a daughter who can’t get enough of the classics. I will be the first to admit, homeschooling is not for everyone. But for those who desire to teach their children, I would like to share with you our experience with homeschooling here in Montana. The Montana Legislature has acknowledge homeschooling since 1895 and 1903. There have been times when Montana…

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